​​​About Us............


We opened Hometown Auto Sales back in 1994 at our former location of 1501 Philadelphia Street, Indiana Pa and stayed at that location for 16 years, started selling the little cheap cars and SUV's taking the same pride in a 500.00 vehicle as a 10,000 vehicle....in 2010 we then expanded and moved Hometown Auto Sales to it's current location of 7100 Route 286 Highway West, Indiana Pa.  We are a family owned business and have been for 28 years. We, the owners, Scott and Amy, handpick each truck, make them as right as we can and are also your salesperson, so there is no "middle man." There are no sales pitches here, our trucks sell themselves.  Our trucks are clean, quality and priced fair.....we are honest and pride ourselves on our integrity and our long standing reputation.  You will have dealers that sell anything from a Cavalier to a Silverado but does that dealer really know and understand a truck? Can they answer any question regarding that truck purchase? No. How can they when they sell everything and just throw a few trucks on their lot for good measure?  There is a big difference between a truck and a car.....we know trucks, we know they take more to get ready for retail, we know each make has its own issues that need special attention.  It isn't easy, we aren't the kind of dealer that buys them from auction and 8 hours later throws them up for sale, some have been known to take weeks to get ready.  We aren't going to give you a brand new product, but we strive to make it a GREAT product....a great truck. 

Scott has been in the car business since he was 18 years old, built Hometown Auto Sales in 1994 with a few hundred dollars in his pocket without any help from outside sources, we do not have a big dealer floor plan, we do not have any investors or "backers", we do this ourselves and work very hard therefore our business has stood on its own while others have not survived, instead we keep growing. We keep our overhead to a minimum so we can give a great deal to our public. We keep our inventory to a number we can handle. We believe that the customer is our business core and therefore our number one priority as without them, we would not be here.  You will find your experience here an honest, stress free, friendly, no hassle one and we treat every customer as a friend, before and after the sale.  We specialize in 4x4 Trucks as they are our wheelhouse, we feel when you specialize in something, you learn every aspect of that product, and WE KNOW TRUCKS, anything and everything about them, therefore we can deliver a quality product to our customer and back it up with the knowledge needed to give our customer as much information as they need to make a decision..... and we take pride in the condition and quality of our trucks.  Most vehicles come with a 6 month 7500 mile Power Train warranty at no cost to you.  Come in and see us and let us hand you the keys for your next preowned truck.  We will strive to obtain and keep your business!  We also have been nominated best used dealer in Indiana County!! Thank you to all that nominated us!

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